Come with us on our Xela, Zunil and Fuentes Georginas tour and discover beautiful nature and history of Xela and its surrounding areas. You’ll hike Volcán Zunil where you’ll enjoy amazing views of the surrounding volcanoes and areas, relax in the Fuentes Georginas natural hot springs, and explore the history, architecture, culture and beliefs of Xela.

Volcán Zunil

After a 5 hour’s drive from Antigua, you will arrive at Volcán Zunil, located in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. The volcano, reaching an altitude of 3,542 meters (11,621 feet), offers an intermediate level hike, along which you will enjoy breathtaking 360-degree views of the surrounding volcanoes and landscapes, which many say are unmatched by any other hike in the country. At the summit, we will enjoy dinner and a campfire, and camp there for the night.

Fuentes Georginas

After breakfast and the descent of the Zunil Volcano, we will we reach the Fuentes Georginas, natural thermal hot springs surrounded by nature. The area offers four hot spring fed pools of different temperatures surrounded by jungle vegetation that are said to have medicinal and healing properties. Nearby is a short walk, where goers can enjoy orchids and native bird wildlife.

After enjoying time to soak, relax, and enjoy the natural surroundings, we eat lunch and head to Xela (2 hour’s drive).


Quetzaltenango, more commonly known by its Mayan name – Xelaju or Xela – is the second largest city of, and a city of great importance to, Guatemala. The city is full of interesting historical, cultural and architectural sights. You’ll be introduced to Xela, its history, and modern life here via streetcar. During this two-hour guided tour, we’ll see the principal historic buildings of the city including the Municipal Theater, Iglesia San Nicolás, and the Minerva Temple.


After checking into the night’s accommodation, we’ll venture back into Xela at night for a guided tour of the city’s cemetery where we will learn about the cemetery’s history and architecture, discuss Guatemalan traditions surrounding death, and delve into the country’s rich legends and folklore.

We will depart for Antigua early the next day (4 hour’s drive), after enjoying breakfast at the hotel.


  •         All transport (private bus)
  •         Experienced, bilingual guide
  •         Meals: Lunch and dinner on Day 1, hotel breakfast on Day 3
  •         Campsite equipment (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat)
  •         All tours, local guides, and workshop/entrance fees

What to bring

  •         Clothing, toiletries, and personal items needed for a 3 day excursion
  •         Wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes
  •         Clothing, warm layers, shoes, and a small backpack adequate for hiking
  •         Sun and rain protection (sunscreen, rain jacket, hat)
  •         Swimsuit
  •         Bottle of water
  •         Camera
  •         Money for excluded meals and souvenir shopping


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