What Mother’s Day is like in Guatemala

Mother’s Day, or Día de la Madre, takes place on the 10th of May in Guatemala. This holiday shares the same purpose all around the world, but the ways of celebrating differ from country to country. Today we want to tell you a bit more about what Mother’s Day is like in Guatemala. With special thanks to our volunteer and Spanish student, Myrte Kok, who took the time to conduct an interview about el Día de la Madre with her Spanish teacher Gladys.

Gladys tells us that Día de la Madre is very important in Guatemala. “Mother’s Day is celebrated to recognize all the work that mother’s do. Not only around the house, but for the children and their husbands as well”.

Myrte and Gladis

In Guatemala, single-parent families are quite common. These Super Moms and dads deserve some extra appreciation and acknowledgement. As Gladys says: “Many mothers should be admired, as they are a mother and a father at the same time. There are also many fathers in Guatemala that will take care of their children as the mother is not around. Día de la Madre is a celebration for them as well”. What is important is that the hard work and care of every mother figure is recognized and celebrated on this special day.

“On the Día de la Madre, most mothers have a day off in Guatemala, because their children do not have school. Remember that their teachers are mothers too, and thus they do not have to come to work on May 10th”. What is interesting is that instead of the kids, the mothers go to school on Mother’s Day! Especially for them, a cultural morning is prepared by the kids. They have prepared acts like dancing or poems dedicated to their moms. The mothers go to school to enjoy all of this and a refreshment.

Besides this, it is tradition to have a family dinner in a restaurant on the Día de la Madre. There are no typical types of food. You’ll just have whatever mom likes best! “All the restaurants are filled with mothers, and they all do something special. They give flowers, for example, or the desert is for free”.

Breakfast is less important, but also special. For once a year this is prepared by the kids, because it is (as Gladys says) simple: “black beans, eggs, plantains, cheese, creme and orange juice, coffee or hot chocolate, nothing more”. Whatever you would call simple! At breakfast mothers receive their gifts. When the children are younger they will make these at school. It is rare that they get to use new materials, but with some creativity and imagination beautiful gifts can be crafted.

Myrte asks Gladys if she has anything to add about the Día de la Madre. Gladys reminds us of the most important thing: “the bond between a mother and her child is one without a specific purpose or goal. It is a pure kind of love. We cannot compare it to the love from a husband or boyfriend or any other person. Never. In no case. Mother’s Day is a beautiful day, but for me every day is special and so every day should be a Día de la Madre.”


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