Discover how our experience transformed lives and left indelible marks on the path to success.
Bob Landis

“When I travel to visit Jeffrey, I feel like I am a friend. I get excited to learn about his classes and what he's passionate about learning. Jeffrey is an incredible kid with a lot of potential. We can contribute to his education and help him aim higher.”


“When we exchange letters, I feel like talking with a friend. Being able to visit him and see what my monthly donation gives to him is the best thing. My family and I are happy to be able to support such a bright kid as Steven.”

Julia Guzmán
(NDG Team)

“The second you start working with Niños de Guatemala and see the impact you can have, it changes your perspective of life. Being able to join this incredible nonprofit and have the opportunity to interact and learn about the families, students, and all the teachers that love their job and are a 100%” committed to the cause makes you want to work harder.”

Thalia Fischer

“The way the kids love you and want to give you everything they have makes you want to give everything you have and more. I volunteered with Niños de Guatemala in 2023 and wished to return and spend more time with them. Since day one, the teachers, staff, and students have welcomed you openly.”