I spent 5 weeks at Nuestro Futuro school. I had the pleasure of working alongside Profe Bernal, and with the wonderful, energetic 4th graders. I spent time at university studying educational equity and the inconsistencies in opportunity among varying social groups. I learned about Guatemala specifically; about the problems with illiteracy and poverty and how they relate.

Difficult realities at home often times directly affect a child’s ability to attend and be successful in school. Now, at university I spent a lot of time reading about these issues, so my time with NDG was unique; I was able to experience and be witness to an organization working to end the cycle of poverty and improve educational equity in real time.

NDG is successfully creating programs that have begun to unite and guide an impoverished community towards better opportunities and out of extreme poverty through access to education. I felt so welcomed by Bernal and his 4th graders, and enjoyed sharing in their development as learners. I want to continue to be a part of the great things NDG is doing and watch some of those 4th graders go on to follow their dreams, and break out of poverty.

As an ambassador, I can help to advocate for those kids and promote how significant Nuestro Futuro and NDG are to improve the lives of the children of Cuidad Vieja.

In November I will host a game night with some ladies in my mother’s neighborhood in Tucson, Arizona. I hope to present about NDG, and help the women explore ways to get involved and help the organization through donations, volunteering, or becoming a sponsor for one of Nuestro Futuro school’s wonderful students.