Pacaya Volcano Hike


$50.00 – $90.00

Pacaya Volcano Hike: An intermediate hike of the most active volcano in Guatemala. Learn about the history & striking landscape of Pacaya with hot-spots, cooled lava chambers and streams, and volcano-toasted marshmallows, a packing list must!



If it’s not already, hiking a volcano should be on your bucket list. The intermediate Pacaya volcano hike provides a unique experience that is doable for everyone (if needed, by horse). A one to two hour hike will take you to the lava fields near the top of the Pacaya. Here, you will get to experience one of the most active volcanoes in Guatemala. On a clear day, you will see the surrounding volcanoes and watch Pacaya erupt. In the lava fields, you can feel the natural heat produced by the volcano and even roast marshmallows above the cracks between the lava rocks – an experience unlike any other.

Volcán de Pacaya
The Pacaya volcano is 2,552 meters (8,373 feet) high. Due to its frequent eruptions, a lava field formed near the top of the volcano. Since its first eruption that took place over 23,000 years ago, the volcano has been erupting almost continuously. Currently, eruptions vary from small ash plumes to more expressive explosions at the crater. If you are lucky, you might even see lava flowing down the volcano.

The Hike
The tour starts with a 1.5 hour’s drive from Antigua to the volcano park entrance from where the hike begins. This is an intermediate hike and doable by most hikers however locals offer the option to continue the climb on horseback if required (not included). The hike will take 1 to 2 hours, depending on the fitness level of your group, and incorporates various breaks for resting and photos. Reaching the lava field, you will have climbed around 500 meters (1,500 feet) in elevation, offering impressive views of the surrounding areas and nearby volcanoes. After taking in the surrounding views, you’ll explore the lava fields, where you can feel the heat of the lava stones and roast marshmallows above the heat vents. The hike down is easier and faster and after reconvening at the park entrance, you will return to Antigua.


  • Round-trip Transport (private or collective depending on booking type)
  • Professional bilingual guide
  • Local guide
  • Marshmallows
  • Entrance fee of the park

What to bring

  • Decent, closed-toe hiking shoes
  • Warm layers (jacket/sweater/vest)
  • Water (1 to 2 liters)
  • Snacks or a packed lunch
  • Sun and rain protection (Sunscreen, hat, rain jacket)

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