Our Story

We are an organization committed to educational transformation. Our goal is to provide equitable access to quality education, empowering students and shaping the leaders of tomorrow.



Our Vision

Empowered communities with better opportunities in life through holistic education.

Our Mission

To educate children, youth and families in vulnerable situations, beyond the traditional classroom.

Our Values
  • We believe that education requires a collaborative effort between family, school, students and the community at large.
  • We recognize that all children and youth in vulnerable situations deserve the opportunity to receive formal education.
  • We believe in the holistic development of students, recognizing that they will contribute in the transformation of Guatemalan society.
  • We respect others, validate their feelings and treat people with empathy, dignity and kindness.

NDG was founded after a group of young visitors from the Netherlands was struck by the need for more extraordinary support services for families in Guatemala. Their immersion in the community sparked NDG.

After intense fundraising efforts in the Netherlands, three members of our Board of Directors returned to Guatemala in 2006 to build our first school: Nuestro Futuro Primaria, which now educates 180 students yearly. 

Currently,  the schools provide quality and holistic education to 530 students. Thanks to the  support from our donors, we  provide opportunities for  low-income families, tuition, school materials, daily meals, and psychological services.