Come with us on our Ipala, Copan and Quirigua tour and discover beautiful nature and the history of the ancient Mayan community. You will visit the remainders of the Mayan Kingdom at the Quirigua and Copan ruins; climb the Volcán de Ipala and relax alongside its crater lake; and learn about the history, culture, beliefs, of the Mayan Civilization.


After a 5 hour’s drive, you will arrive at Volcán de Ipala, a stratovolcano containing a lake, Lake Ipala, in its crater. With an altitude of only 1,650 meters (5,413 feet), the guided hike to the volcano’s summit and crater lake is a relatively easy 2 hour climb. After reaching the lake, we will enjoy free time to relax, swim, and take in the natural beauty of this impressive place. Before beginning our descent, we will enjoy a local lunch with some of the area’s locals and learn about this place’s historical and modern significance to the Mayas.

We will finish our day with a visit to Rio Poza de la Pila, a natural area with natural springs and crystalline pools, before transferring to the hotel for the evening.


After enjoying breakfast at the hotel and a 2.5 hour’s drive, we will reach Copan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a former Maya capital with significant importance to the history of this civilization. This impressive archaeological site boasts a large complex of step temples, plazas, and pyramids that once made up the city’s central plaza and adjoining acropolis. Here we will take a guided tour of the ruins and continue our journey into the history of this great civilization of the Maya Classical Period. Afterwards, we will visit Museum of Archaeology, the Digital Museum of Copan, and the Sculpture Museum, to learn more about this archaeological site and its preservation and see impressive relics and replicas of this once great city.

After enjoying lunch in Copan, we will transfer to the night’s hotel (4 hour’s drive), located alongside the Lago de Izabal, the largest lake in Guatemala, where you can enjoy lakeside relaxation and free time for the evening.



After breakfast at the hotel and a short transfer (45 minutes), you will arrive at Quirigua, another UNESCO World Heritage Site and former Maya capital. Today, Quirigua is home to the ruins of this former great city and well-preserved, elaborate stelae, monolithic stone monuments carved in sandstone, including the tallest stela ever erected. Here we will take a guided tour of the ruins and learn the history of this archaeological site of the Maya of the Early Classical Period. We will finish our visit with a lunch and then return to Antigua (6 hour’s drive).


  •         All transport (private bus)
  •         Experienced, bilingual guide
  •         Meals: Lunch on Day 2, breakfast at hotel on Day 2 and 3
  •         All tours, local guides, and workshop/entrance fees

What to bring

  •         Clothing, toiletries, and personal items needed for a 3 day excursion
  •         Required documentation for Honduras/Guatemala border crossing (Passport)
  •         Wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes
  •         Sun and rain protection (sunscreen, rain jacket, hat)
  •         Swimsuit
  •         Money for excluded meals and souvenir shopping
  •         Camera
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