Experience Guatemala Challenge FAQs

    We know you might have some questions about the Experience Guatemala Challenge. Popular questions are addressed below; please feel free to browse. If you still have doubts or would like to inquire in further detail, do not hesitate to contact our Experience Guatemala Challenge team at challenge@ninosdeguatemala.org.

    1. When will the challenge take place?

    This year’s challenge will take place from the 9th till the 14th of April. This means the challenges will start Monday morning. However, on Sunday the 8th of April we will host a Welcome Dinner for all participants to introduce the candidates and teams so you can get to know each other in advance.

    2. What kind of support will I receive during my fundraising campaign?

    When you register your team for the challenge, you will receive a Fundraising Guide, which will give you more information about the challenge, about Niños de Guatemala, the way to fundraise, information about Crowdrise and contact information. After reading this Fundraising Guide you will make your own fundraising plan, and for this you will receive  100% support from the team at Niños de Guatemala. We will have email contact, Skype calls, etc. as often as you’d like!

    3. What is my $5,000 donation going to?

    Part of your donation will pay for the expenses during the challenge. However, this is a small amount of your donation. The other part of your donation will go directly to our schools. There are two schools in Ciudad Vieja—one primary school and one secondary school. Further, we have one primary school in San Lorenzo el Cubo. Niños de Guatemala has 500 students in these three schools. Your donation will help these children go to school and receive the support they deserve.

    4. Should the team raise $5,000 minimum, or is it fine to raise less?

    Your objective is to raise a minimum of $5,000. Niños de Guatemala will support you during your fundraising journey, give you tips, and instructions whenever you need it.

    5. Will I need to pay some extra fees there? (Hotel, food, transportation, activities…)

    All the costs during the challenge are included. A part of your $5,000 donation will be used for those expenses.

    6. Should we both fundraise $2,500 or can a member of the team can fundraise more?

    Each team needs to fundraise $5,000. Within your team you can decide how you will be fundraising this.

    7. Can I participate if I am underage?

    No. Both participants of the team need to be at least 18 years old.

    8. What kind of activities will I participate in?

    You will participate in all kinds of different activities, from education-related activities to physical challenges such as mountain biking or abseiling.

    9. When should I give a definitive answer for my participation?

    As soon as the team registers by email or via our Niños de Guatemala website, you are on the participants’ list. If you think you cannot make it anymore, let us know as soon as possible.

    10. Am I able to cancel my participation?

    Once you commit to the challenge you become part of the NDG family, helping us break the cycle of poverty. Should exceptional circumstances arise you can cancel your participation, however, we definitely do not want you to and will do everything we can to support your fundraising/preparation.

    11. If I have special dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan…) or have allergies, can I ensure meals cater to this?

    Please let us know via email if you follow a specific diet. We will arrange specialized meals for you.

    12. To fundraise on Crowdrise, I need a credit card. What happens if I do not have one?

    You should ask a friend or family nicely if they can do it for you with their credit card. If you live in the Netherlands/Europe you can transfer your fundraised money to the Dutch bank account.

    13. Can I donate something other than money? (pens, books…)

    Of course. Niños de Guatemala can provide you with a wish list. The donation will be divided between our 3 schools and will help us reduce our budget. However, these donations will not be taken into account within the $5,000 fundraising goal.

    14. Can I participate if I do not speak good English or Spanish?

    Of course! You can participate if you do not speak good English, nor Spanish. Most of the activities are outdoors which do not require English or Spanish speaking. We have had Spanish-speaking participants before.

    15. What if i get sick during the journey?

    Each participant needs to prove his/her possession of health insurance before arriving in Guatemala. We will carry a first aid kit with us along the journey. If you get really sick, then one of the Niños de Guatemala team members will accompany you to a doctor or a hospital. Your partner will then have to decide if he/she continues the journey without you.

    16. Will I be able to visit Niños de Guatemala schools during my journey?

    Yes, some activities will be inside our schools.

    17. What is the deadline for fundraising?

    Each team needs to fundraise $5,000 by April 2018. The Niños de Guatemala team will support you all along your fundraising journey.

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