Empowering Dreams: Our Hospitality Program Journey

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Hello, Niños de Guatemala community!


We are thrilled to share an inspiring glimpse into our Hospitality Program, a groundbreaking initiative transforming lives and creating opportunities for our students. In this edition, we bring you the heartwarming story of Pedro Rompich, a story to the success of our innovative dual-learning system.


At Niños de Guatemala, our Hospitality Program operates on a unique dual learning system, where students like Pedro receive theoretical education at school and hands-on training in partnering hotels. Guided by dedicated coordinators Flor Gomez and Emilie Evers, our program is designed to equip students with essential technical and management skills. From leadership and delegation to teamwork, communication, and problem-solving, our students understand the hospitality sector holistically.


We believe in imparting knowledge and ensuring our students are job-ready. The goal of our Hospitality Program is simple yet profound: to secure job offers for our students. By collaborating closely with hotels and restaurants, we provide our students with practical experiences documented through work certificates, eliminating obstacles in their job search.


Pedro Rompich's journey is a testimony to the effectiveness of our program. Initially skeptical, Pedro embraced the hands-on learning approach with determination. With the guidance of his coordinator, Pedro honed his skills, becoming proficient in various aspects of the hotel industry. Today, he proudly serves as a captain of waiters, a position he achieved through his hard work and the confidence instilled in him by our program.


Our program goes beyond traditional classrooms, empowering communities and children to seize better opportunities in life. We bridge the gap between education and employment through hands-on learning, ensuring our graduates are well-prepared for the industry. Two students from the current class have already been hired (El Convento and Villa Bokéh). Others have been hired on a per-shift basis, receiving remuneration. We are immensely proud of our students' achievements and grateful for the support of our coordinators, Flor Gomez and Emilie Evers, who are instrumental in creating these life-changing opportunities.


We believe in the power of community support. The attendees of our Hospitality Program contribute through a nominal fee, and 20% of the program costs are covered by income generated from our allied hotels and restaurants. Your support allows us to continue this transformative work, shaping the future of our students and empowering them to achieve their dreams.