Diana’s story

Diana and her younger brother both go to primary school in Ciudad Vieja. They live with both parents, who both graduated from primary school. Diana’s mom is dedicated to domestic crafts and her father is a waiter. Diana is the best in her class, and talks proudly about it

Diana’s mom speaks proudly about her children attending NDG’s primary school: “The school is well organized and provides quality education. I am proud of the achievements of my children, both are the best in their classes. Seeing them in school almost makes me cry, that’s how proud I am of them.” As a couple, they support each other to meet the requirements of the school, such as attending school meetings and Parenting School. These meetings have helped both of them to handle their emotions well in the household and keep supporting their children. “My husband even started studying again and my children help him with his homework.”

In the household, the whole family supports each other. There is a set time for homework, “the kids know they can watch television afterwards”. Diana tells proudly about the time a volunteer told her she is able to become a doctor one day, this helps her to study even harder to achieve her dreams. Diana hopes that one day she can make a living working as a doctor and buy a house for her parents.