Katherine’s story

Katherine is the oldest of three children, and they live together with both parents. Katherine’s mom is a homemaker and her father works as a farmer. Both ended their education after 3rd grade. The family is grateful for all the support NDG gives them, including school materials and reinforcement, as Katherine has had some difficulties with studying in the past. The parents have learned how to appreciate their children, treat them better and listen. “We have seen the way she has changed her behavior, Katherine used to be shy, but now she has more confidence to talk, even in English. English is important for our children’s future, and we have seen an improvement in Katherine’s capacities to speak a foreign language. It makes us feel proud of her.”

In the future, Katherine would like to be a nurse. “I like to study, and the teachers are helping me to become a professional. They know my dream is to become a nurse. My parents are proud of me, and are always supportive of my education. When I grow up, I would like to support them by buying a house, where we can all live.”