Corporate Social Responsibility

Niños de Guatemala offers three different sponsorship packages, as well as three different membership options. We can help you choose a sponsorship package based on the vision of your business, as well as the needs of your employees. By collaborating with NDG, you not only build strong relationships with the organization, but also with the children, their families, and the entire community in which we work.

Sponsor a Class

We believe it is essential to maintain a dynamic and safe learning environment for our students. The environment of the class is maintained through its esthetics and teaching materials.

This sponsorship option is an opportunity to support an entire class, including:

– All costs needed to operate the classroom
– Teacher’s salary and classroom materials

Sponsor the Food and Health Program

A healthy mind is an active mind. The Nutrition and Health program is our first line of defense against school absence, malnutrition, and attention deficit disorders.

This sponsorship option includes:
– Distributing 80% of the daily nutritional needs to all students so they can grow physically as well as mentally.

Sponsor the Psychology and Social Work Program

The majority of our students have grown up in hostel living environments and extreme poverty, and therefore have not been able to fully enjoy their childhood. Our Social Work and Psychology Departments work very hard to provide confidence, understanding, and emotional wellbeing to the students and their families.

This sponsorship option includes:
– All of the materials and operational costs of running our programs, as well as Social Work visits to the homes
– The salaries of social workers and psychologists

Membership Options

Quartz Membership

  • Opportunities to visit and volunteer at our schools
  • Trimestrial newsletter about your sponsored program
  • Promotion of your business and recognition on our social media
  • The use of our logo in your means of communication
  • Tax benefits

Jade Membership

  • All of the Quartz benefits
  • Named as a partner on our webpage
  • Priority given to be advertisers and active participants in our events

Diamond Membership

  • All of the Quartz and Jade benefits
  • Possibility to be named Partner of the Year
  • Special mention in our annual report (publicized on our website and sent to important donors)
  • Promotion of your new activities/ventures on our website
  • An invitation to graduation
  • An invitation to participate in the Experience Guatemala Challenge

Have questions and want to know more? Send an email to and we will answer any question you may have.