Changing Lives Together: A Glimpse into Our Director of Child Development's Vision

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Dear Niños de Guatemala Community


We are excited to bring you closer to the heart of our organization through an exclusive interview with our Director of Child Development in Guatemala. In this unique feature, she shares her insights, dreams, and hopes for the future of our beloved Niños de Guatemala.


As the Director of Child Development, our esteemed colleague oversees fundraising initiatives, grant proposals, donor stewardship, and volunteers. She supports our social businesses with boundless enthusiasm, contributing to NDG's sustainability. A key aspect of her work involves communication, ensuring all stakeholders can access comprehensive information about our initiatives and needs.


When asked about her motivation for joining NDG, she spoke passionately about her love for our mission. Believing wholeheartedly in the transformative power of education, she was drawn to the receptive, loving communities we serve. Witnessing the determination of families striving for a better life and the commitment of our teachers deeply inspired her. The little faces of our students and the dedication of the entire NDG team became her motivation to be a part of our family.


Our Director of Child Development envisions a future where every NDG student has abundant opportunities. She dreams of extending school hours and fostering a nurturing environment for education. To achieve this, improving our food program is essential, ensuring each student receives a nutritious lunch. Additionally, she aims to have 100% of our students sponsored, providing mentorship and inspiring them for a brighter future.


How can you contribute to making these dreams a reality? Our Director of  Development emphasizes the power of collective support. You play a vital role by spreading the word about NDG, sharing our mission, participating in fundraising campaigns, and inviting others to sponsor an NDG student. With Giving Tuesday and the year-end approaching, these moments ask us to think of others, give a little more, and extend the gift of education to those in need.


She encourages us to remember the person who changed our lives, believed in us, and opened doors of opportunity. For NDG students, your monthly donations represent that open door, that life-changing moment. Being that person for an NDG child creates a legacy of empowerment and transformation.