Amigos of Niños de Guatemala

Through our Amigos de NDG Program, you may choose any amount to donate monthly that you feel comfortable with. Whether that means giving up a coffee run or cooking dinner at home for friends instead of going out, being an Amigo is accessible to all. By giving up just one monthly vice, you can greatly impact a child’s future.

By giving up one coffee per month, you can donate $5

By giving up one bottle of wine per month, you can donate $10

By giving up one movie night per month, you can donate $15

By giving up one dinner out per month, you can donate $20

By giving all of this up just once a month, you can become a Padrino!

As an Amigo de NDG, you will be contributing directly to the upkeep of our schools, the nutrition we provide, the social work and psychological support we offer, and the maintenance and growth of all of our programs.

You will receive our quarterly newsletter and a discount on our Experience Guatemala Tour if you’d like to come and visit!

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Donations in Guatemala

Bank: Banco Industrial, Antigua Guatemala
Account in Guatemalan Quetzales: 016 – 003233 – 4
Account in US dollars: 016 – 003241 – 7

Please contact  for any issues related to donations in Guatemala.

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