Result 1

Since day one, we knew that nutritional support would play a key role in optimizing academic performance for our students. We provide a balanced daily meal prepared and served by volunteer mothers during school hours. We serve over 100,000 warm meals yearly to our more than 530 students in our three schools. 


Result 2

A holistic education is a comprehensive approach to teaching where educators seek to address the emotional, social, ethical, and academic needs of students in an integrated learning format. We provide our students with positive school environments, access to psychologists and social workers at school, and a school for parents that improves family interactions and relationships. 


Result 3

As part of our commitment to our students receiving a high-quality education beyond the classroom, we have designed a vocational hospitality certification program for our high school graduates. Teaming up with the most recognized 5-star hotels in Antigua Guatemala, our students can train for a year in concepts and hands-on skills that introduce them to the Hospitality Industry that formally employs over 80% of Antigua Guatemala’s workforce.


About "Niños de" Guatemala

To educate children, youth and families in vulnerable situations, beyond the traditional classroom.


    Out of our 33 graduates from the classes of 2021 and 2022 combined:

    ✔️10 are pursuing additional studies, five are currently attending or have successfully finished our one-year vocational hospitality certification program (45%)
    ✔️19 have formal jobs that provide income (58%)
    ✔️5 have enrolled for higher education, pursuing a university degree


    Access to education for girls means access to the necessary skills for active participation, economic autonomy, and empowerment within their families and their communities. At Niños de Guatemala, we want to provide equal opportunities for girls and boys to reach their full potential. Our classrooms are made up of 50/50 boys and girls.  This is a great goal considering that the social reality in the area is that girls do not have the same access to education since they must comply with household activities, raise siblings, and support the mother or father in economic activities. 


    “From first grade to graduation day.” 

    98% of students that start 1st grade at Ninos de Guatemala finish their elementary studies. With adequately developed critical thinking, communication, and technology skills, they will reach their full potential as productive community members with better opportunities, lowering the need for migration. This represents us a 2% dropout rate in elementary, compared to the national average of 15%. The support and responsibility of the families are key, which is why we work with them to influence them integrally and make home support a central axis of their studies.

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    For just US$25 / €25 / Q200 per month, you can contribute to the daily meal plan, school supplies, and materials of a student each month. 



    For US$50 / €50 / Q400 per month, you can help cover a student’s tuition each month and provide the gift of education.

    For US$75 / €75 / Q600 per month, you can help a student excel by providing tuition, school supplies, and materials each month.